Hong Kong Student Travel (HKST) was established in 1970 with the aim of promoting educational travel and cultural exchange programmes amongst young people and students from Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China. HKST is the only company in Hong Kong and Macau that as a member of the following International oranisations¡F
FIYTO¡GFederation of International Youth Travel Organisation,
ALTO¡GAssociation of Language Travel Organisation,
GEWA¡GGlobal Work Experience Association,
ISTC¡GInternational Student Travel Confederation.

HKST is also an official representative of the Work & Travel Company (WTC) and Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) in Hong Kong.
After 40 years of continuous development, HKST has become the most popular and successful travel company for young people and students in Hong Kong and Macau. Currently, HKST employed over 200 staff with 6 retail branches across Hong Kong and subsidiary offices and representative offices located in London, Singapore, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen and travel agents located in Southern China and Eastern China.
The ethos of HKST is to provide students and travellers with the best available educational and travel services and in the process. Our success has been built on the success of our students and travellers. ¡§ Education and Travel is opportunity.¡¨
HKST is leading the trend in youth travel, in the early 80s before the concept of FIT became popular, HKST pioneered many youth travel products such as ¡§Young Travellers-Visit Europe at your own pace¡¨, later on, HKST launched the new ROTEL ¡V Young Travellers Europe Bus Tours. Then came to the 90s, to meet the demands of highly motivated young people, HKST expended its product range and created Europe Rail Travel Packages, US-Canada Travel Packages, Aussie-Kiwi Travel Packages, Arctic & Antarctica ¡V Polar Expeditions & Student Air-Tickets as well as whole of other youth travel products.
Sincerity Travel is the trading name under HKST and sincere we are. Sincerity Travel has the unique brand and a clear mission that builds on high quality services. HKST became the pioneer and expert in organising large scale of cultural exchange programmes and have many years of experience in Summer Camps, Winter Camps and Easter Camps to various countries.

Currently, HKST owns:
  • Sincerity Travel
  • Deluxe Travel
  • Hong Kong Overseas Studies Centre
  • Hong Kong Study Tours Centre
  • Council of International Cultural Exchange Centre
  • International Student Identity Card Developing Centre

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